Random todo list app

Have a list of daily tasks you need to do but can’t find the motivation to see them through? What about having an app that allows you to list your tasks in a list, and then at random times throughout the day, notify you of a random task.

When a notification appears, you can either dismiss it or ask for another task to do.
In the settings of the app you could set the times you are able to do these tasks, and how often they can occur.

Fake Fitness App

We all have friends and family that share all their runs and workouts on Facebook. Generally these are considered very annoying by making the rest of us look lazy.

But what if you don’t actually want to go out for a run. What if the newest season of your favourite tv-show just launched on Netflix and it’s raining outside. With Fake Fitness App you can create a random jog route around your location. All you have to do is select speed and duration and it generates a route on a map that you can share on social media.

Dog Territory Game

A game that you play while walking around your dog. The app would have a map view with a big “Mark” button that you would press when your dog would do their business. Marking a spot would color a small area in your location to your preferred color and your dog would “own” the territory. The app could have teams (or packs) similar to Pokemon Go and show rankings of teams within cities/areas.

Unfriending Tinder

Met someone in a bar 7 years ago and you’re still Facebook friends? We keep adding contacts and friends on our phones and social media accounts. When our friend counts rise to hundreds, nobody has the time to browse through their friend history or phone contacts and remove all the forgotten and unwanted contacts.

What about having a tinder-like app that presents you with phone numbers, Facebook friends and other contacts and you can simply swipe left/right to keep them or get rid of them? This would make the whole process a lot easier!